What is Dvonn?

Dvonn is an abstract two person strategy game, which is very diversified and sophisticated and nevertheless played fast and fluently. You are moving your stones, building growing towers and trying to control the most and biggest towers at the end of the game.
Dvonn was invented in 2001 by Kris Burn.
You can find much more information about Dvonn at the Project-Gipf webpage
If you like to play Dvonn online against human opponents, you can do this in the Brettspielwelt , where Dvonn is offered beside many other online board games.

What is Dvonner?

Dvonner ist a computer programm written by me , which is playing Dvonn at a level that is even challenging for a good human Dvonn player. The development of Dvonner is not finished yet, but the program is already in a playable condition. You can find an overview about the previous development and future plans in the development overview (sorry only in german).

Dvonner Download

If you like to give Dvonner a try you can download it a the download page The program is free and you may give it away to other persons. At last you could do me a favor by writing me in a short feedback, what things you like and dislike in Dvonner and what kind of expansions you would like to see.

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